'A  Guiding  Light '           established 2006


My name is Louise Green, your empathic guide in matters spiritual.

Allow me to introduce myself.

 My name is Louise Green and I am a certified past life regressionist, an established Tarot reader and a certified remote spirit release practitioner.  I began ' A Guiding Light' in 2006 to provide a service to those who wanted to pursue their spiritual path.  

My aim is to work with you to develop and find your spiritual way forward. I work mediumistically, having trained over the years at the College of Psychic Studies and also with mentors in these fields who are of the highest calibre, such as Tony Stockwell, Sue Allen, David Furlong and Dr Terence Palmer, Phd. 

If you have found me then you have been guided..... 

Now, let me work with you to develop you spiritually. 


  • Insightful, empathic, Tarot helps you find your way forward.  It answers the question behind the question.  
  • Tarot can help in areas such as relationships, empowerment, career and your own development.  
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Spiritual Health Check 

  • Your spiritual health is important and should not be overlooked.  Naturally, if your spiritual health is poor, you may find yourself anxious, or depressed for reasons which aren't clear to you.  You may be having nightmares.  Family and friends might query your behaviour, asking as to what has got into you.
  • Why suffer or struggle with all that is negative?  Let me help you.
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