Appointments, Bookings.  The all important information on how much and when.

  • Spiritual Health Check 
  • £100.00  includes the services of a medium and a facilitator.  Also pre and post briefing/report.
  • Tarot
  •  £50.00 for an hour's session, includes audio recording.
  • Past Life Regression.
  • £100.00 for a two hour session, includes audio recording.

What do you need to do?

  • Contact me to arrange an appointment, at my email address: [email protected] Once our appointment is made, please use the Paypal links (see below) to secure your appointment.  Let me know your Paypal ID so I can match the payment to you.  

 Can't keep your appointment?

  • Don't worry, contact me twenty four hours before our appointment and we can either reschedule or I'll arrange a refund of your payment. I realise life can get in the way of things.

Need further assistance?

For Remote Spirit Release

Remote Spirit Release

For Tarot