You are important. You are more than just a three dimensional being......

Your spiritual health is every bit as important as your physical health....

“Have you ever said, or thought to yourself, “ What has got into you”?

Perhaps you’ve seen loved ones undergo what seems to be a complete personality change, or sometimes you are just not yourself and act out of character?

Perhaps you feel extreme anger or feel inexplicably anxious, even depressed?

Has a voice in your head repeatedly told you that you are not good enough, or not worth it, or you have no right to be here?

Do you feel that someone has placed a curse on you or your family?

A spiritual health check also known as remote spirit release is an effective method of clearing the negative energies and/or entities which rob us of living our life in the Light.

Think of it  as  an intervention, conducted by a team of three, to include a facilitator, a medium and a spirit guide. I shall be either your medium or facilitator and my associates are qualified also. I work with the best in this field.

I have been certified to practise this wonderful therapy

 by the esteemed Dr Terence Palmer, Phd, an outstanding expert in this field.

This health check can be 

 considered in extreme cases of possession and I welcome queries from the medical faculty, religious institutions or those who are concerned regarding family or friends.

Doubtless you may have questions so contact me by email at [email protected]

Confidentiality is assured.

Louise Green DPLTA MPLTA (Adv)

Certified Remote Spirit Release Practitioner

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